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No woman is unchanging. We have many faces, many moods, and many ways of showing up for the moment. Our wardrobes need to reflect these changes. By making versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down, swing edgy or feminine, and withstand the test of time so they’re always ready to wear, KADA empowers women to express themselves and never stop evolving.       

Along the way, we’re evolving how fashion gets made, setting a new standard for sustainable production and a cleaner, safer world. We celebrate the concept of evolution.

Our Team
Kassia Davis
Founder & CEO
Maddie Conway
Senior Business Operations Manager
Renee Contino
Brand Content Manager
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“I’m a firm believer in evolution and embracing the chance to learn and grow.”
Kassia Davis
Brand Ethos
window.originList = []; window.originList.push({ "title" : "Defiance", "description" : "It’s important that we show a sense of defiance in KADA’s product line. Not only are we challenging the way clothing is sourced and produced, but we’re adding edgy design details to our pieces to create boldness and sensuality that makes every woman feel comfortable in her own skin.", "image" : "//" }); window.originList.push({ "title" : "Evolution", "description" : "At KADA, we are firm believers in evolution and embracing the chance to learn and grow. We use durable and premium-quality fabrics to create pieces that are meant to be long-term investments and will change and evolve with you over time.", "image" : "//" }); window.originList.push({ "title" : "Female First", "description" : "Behind the KADA brand is a team of incredibly talented women who share a common goal: building pieces that every one of us can feel comfortable and confident wearing. The versatility is designed to help you meet the moment, no matter where life takes you.", "image" : "//" }); window.originList.push({ "title" : "Sustainability", "description" : "The environmental impacts of the fashion industry has pushed our team to be committed to sustainable production that benefits people and the planet. We are proud of the ways in which we’re raising the bar and constantly challenging ourselves to do better.", "image" : "//" });