Sustainability at KADA

We know that sustainability is an ever-evolving process. From reducing the number of seams on each garment to sourcing eco-conscious fabrics, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep waste to a minimum while ensuring that every piece is built to last. KADA is evolving how fashion gets made.

Made with purpose.
Worn with purpose.

Sustainability is our north star. Learn about the core commitments we’re making to ensure our clothes are always designed & manufactured responsibly.
Sustainable Silhouettes


The Silhouettes are the signature shapes in our collection, forming the foundation of your wardrobe. Each Silhouette is cut from the same core block, a much more efficient method of production that uses less fabric and water. This approach allows us to perfect the details of each Silhouette before we iterate on lengths, thereby reducing waste in the development process. You’ll get the same flattering fit in every length so if you love one, you’ll love them all.


Trends often result in overproduction of garments that don’t sell—and eventually end up in landfills. To combat this, we create timeless Silhouettes that are fit-tested and approved by our community of women before launch. This ensures that we produce only items you love, in the right quantities. Made, tested and loved by women.

Forward-Thinking Fabrics


We search the globe for fabrics that are produced sustainably while also delivering the highest quality, fit, and feel. This allows the opportunity to breathe new life into materials that all too often go to waste.

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Responsible Sourcing & Manufacturing


We are highly selective about sourcing our fabrics from sustainable mills and factories. One of our Portuguese suppliers is a solar-powered mill that has racked up certifications for producing organic and eco-friendly materials. They recycle all of their textile waste, and they have a 100% clean-air system that prevents greenhouse gases from being released into the surrounding environment.


Waste should have no place in fashion, which is why we produce in small batches. We continuously integrate customer feedback into all designs, ensuring we produce only items that will be loved and worn. Each piece is designed for maximum versatility so it will grow and evolve with you.

Committed to Conservation


The fashion industry is notoriously wasteful when it comes to water. And while making clothes requires H2O, it’s crucial that we conserve our planet’s resources. Through our partnership with Impact Collective, we are committed to offsetting a percentage of the water used to make our garments. Look for the Impact Collective Water Seal to see how we’re keeping our footprint small.